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Adjustable, Large Capacity, Printed Purple Diaper Bag – Cushioned & Waterproof


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  • Featuring multiple pockets to store your baby’s various necessities in different separate pockets
  • Large main compartment helps you to find the essential things when you need
  • Maternity bag lets you keep things organized and make them easily accessible when required

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Out of stock

  • This diaper bag has multi-layered fabrics that are waterproof and stain resistant.
  • The lovely purple color and design makes this diaper bag a fashionable favorite choice.
  • It is easy to clean the surface or interior with a wipe.
  • It is not just a diaper bag. As it is trendy and fashionable, we can also use this as a backpack for regular use.
  • It comes with multiple pockets and has a large capacity to hold everything that your little one needs for daily use.
  • This diaper bag comes with 3 insulated bottle pockets to keep baby’s food at the perfect temperature for hours.
  • It makes it easy to put and remove things sideways.
  • It aids in storing wet clothes.
  • Velcro strap to attach to the stroller along with a key ring holder


Adjustable large diaper bag lets you keep things organized and make them easily accessible when required. Multiple compartments allow you to organize your baby’s numerous essentials into individual pockets. This diaper bag makes it easy to find the necessary items when you need them because of its large main compartment. You can keep things organized and easily available when you need them with a maternity bag.

Diaper Bag Variations

Shoulder bag: Useful for a brief period of time outside. Taking care of the infant is more convenient for the mother.

Backpack: Ideal for extended, strenuous outdoor activities, such as when the whole family travels for many days. Backpacks’ fundamental benefit is their ability to evenly distribute weight, which lowers their apparent burden. The crossbody bag is stylish and practical, and it works for both mothers and fathers.

Handbag: Convenient and portable, ideal for fashionable mums. Additionally, the mummy backpack’s vast capacity may provide for the needs of both mother and child for a considerable amount of time. A purse makes it easy to take care of the infant.

Why Buy from us?

Our new concept diaper bag backpack series starts from a human ergonomic support design to create a diaper backpack with waterproof advanced Oxford fabric materials to help you organize all the baby essentials, including diapers, tissues, nappies, clothes, wipes, drinking bottles, baby bottles, etc.

MG Influences comes up with a smart and fashionable diaper bag for urban moms. Offering luxury with comfort and style, this diaper bag is best suited for modern age moms. It is so trendy and spacious that it can be used as a normal backpack as well.

For more serious dirt and stains, cold machine wash and hang dry. Each compartment and set item in this diaper bag set is designed to simplify your life as a parent. One extra-large compartment fits your largest items, while small pockets ensure you stay organized.

Mix and match the parts of the set for each trip, whether going to daycare, work, or a day out. The main compartment is large enough to fit a breast pump, extra diapers, bottles, wipes, etc. Many small pockets make sure you stay organized. This bag is versatile and can keep up with you. Use it as a tote, purse, stroller organizer, or a travel bag.


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Colour Purple

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