Sippy Cups
The sippy cup, training cup or beaker is a modern drinking cup designed for toddlers which prevents or reduces spills. Sippy cups, as opposed to an open cup, have a top which prevents spills, and the child drinks either through a spout or straw. Some sippy cups work by way of surface tension that prevents liquid from being spilled even when the cup is upended, and others have valves.

A sippy cup is typically an intermediary between the transition between the bottle or breast to an open cup. Modern day sippy cups and recent models differ from the original prototype by Richard Belanger. These baby cups feature different types of spouts: hard spouts, soft spouts, straws, and spotless/natural spout.
Types of Spouts in Sippy Cups
Hard Spouts: We create hard spouts by using hard plastic.

Soft Spouts: We create hard spouts by using soft plastic, most commonly silicone. Both types of spouts above require the user to tilt the cup upside down in order to drink from it.

Straws: In some Sippy baby cups we use straws in the making of cups, instead of hard or soft plastic.

Spoutless/Natural Spout: Looks like a lid but allows the user to drink from it. This type of spout requires the user to tilt the cup to drink, when the cup is tiled upside down. Sippy cups also come with or without handles and some offer removable handles so that the cup can be adapted to the user.

Straw cup:Straw toddler cups can help with learning how to sip; however, they offer less practice for the other skills. This is because your baby can successfully drink from a straw cup while still reclining and sucking, and not sitting upright or fully tipping the cup to their mouth.

Open cup:Some babies go straight from a bottle to an open cup, so consider this option as well. When an other person hold the open cup, babies are always ready to sip from it. Once they’re able to sit up unassisted and seal their lower lip on the rim of the cup. You can practice by holding an open cup with a small amount of water or milk to your baby’s mouth, and tipping it slightly towards your baby.

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