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Robot Bodyguard Piggy Bank, Money Box with Electronic Lock, ATM Machine, Green


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  • Support Banknotes ? works like a real atm. Remembers your balance
  • Pick-up head fingerprint identification
  • Electronic clock -Small Bank

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  • Gently put the bill into the bill slot, the slot will automatically pull it in, and the coin slot is on the top of the piggy bank.
  • It has a simulated fingerprint recognition unlocking mode, which will make the experience more interesting for your kids. It’s easy to change or restore a password.
  • Made of eco-friendly and sturdy ABS material, you have less worry about crashes and broken things, which means more safety for your children.
  • Great early education toy for kids. Helps your kids learn to distinguish and count money. This piggy bank has music and light effect to increase your kids interest while studying.
  • If the user presses “*,” the system will be on. In the music space, we can select songs by numeric keys or exit the space by pressing “*” or “#.”
  • Children enjoy depositing all their change in their own bank. It’s a great Christmas and birthday gift for 3–10-year-old kids.
  • Input the correct password, the green light will turn on to open the safe. It requires a fingerprint for confirmation to open it. It’s a simulated fingerprint but acts like a real one. The initial password of this product is 4624
  • One can change the password, only when the door of this piggy bank is open.
  • 4-digit password according to the voice prompt, where pressing “*” means to start the set, and pressing “#” means completion.
  • This piggy bank for boys can store both coins and bills. It automatically absorbs cash like a mini-ATM
  • Allowing children to store their pocket money in a planned manner greatly helps them to develop good storage habits. A great money management helper for kids.

Robot Protected Piggy Bank:

  • Screw off the cover with a screwdriver and install a 3 AA battery.
  • Put the bills in the bill slot; they can be rolled into the mini-ATM machine automatically.
  • Press the * key to switch to password mode, and enter passwords to unlock the bank. (The initial password is 4624)
  • According to voice prompts, you need to confirm with a fingerprint press or face recognition to open the door.
  • Open the door, you can take out your money.


  • Carbon zinc batteries can last longer and are recommended (the screwdriver is not included).
  • Fingerprint and face recognition are simulation functions, not the same as those on a smartphone.
  • If the piggy bank does not work, please try to replace the batteries.
  • If you long press the “0” key, ultraviolet light will light up and go out, which can be used to check bills.
  • Children under 8 years old should be accompanied by an adult when using this product.
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