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Electronic Coins & Bills ATM Piggy Bank – Password Protected Kids Digital Mini Bank – Robot Protected Piggy Bank with Voice Command and Fingerprint For 3+ Years Kids


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  • This password-protected piggy bank will automatically pick up the notes. Simply place your funds on the scroll, and everything will be handled for you. (If the notes are flat and are introduced one at a time.)
  • Kids’ rectangular money box that is 5″ wide and 7.4″ to 7.5″ long.
  • High-quality, environment-friendly plastic material in pink color
  • This ATM piggy bank money box can store at least 300 pieces of coins or 50 pieces of paper money.
  • For this coin bank, 3-AA batteries are needed. (Batteries not provided.)

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Out of stock

  • This money bank can be used to store important goods in addition to coins and bills. Your kids will benefit significantly from using this saving box as they learn strong personal property protection habits.
  • Only the 4-digit password can be used to open this ATM piggy bank for youngsters. The default password for this electronic piggy bank is 4624.
  • Only when the door of this ATM piggy bank is open can the password be changed.
  • The software must be restarted if a new password is not entered within the allotted 15 seconds. Close the door after releasing the “*” button.
  • This children’s electronic piggy bank doubles as a musical instrument. If the door of this piggy bank money box is closed and the user simultaneously hits “*” and “#,” music space will be activated.

ATM Piggy Bank Overview:

The piggy bank with password lock is a fun and educational way to save money for bills and coins. Your child’s concept of saving money and excellent saving habits will both grow as a result of using a little ATM piggy bank. It’s the ideal option for a prize, award, or any other holiday present for a birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or New Year’s. A wonderful Mother’s Day present for a new mom

How to use piggy bank with password lock?

  • Use screwdriver to screw off the cover.
  • Install 3-AA batteries (batteries are not included).
  • When the banknote close to the cash inlets, it can automatically absorb.
  • Input the code (Initial password is 4624).
  • Open the door and you can take out your money and coins.

How to change password for piggy bank money box?

  • Using the same password before (default code is “4624”) and then open the safe door.
  • Press and hold the * button, the red-light flashes (Hold the ” * ” button and not to loosen).
  • Press the new 4-digit code within 15 seconds, then press ” # ” button and the light stops flashing. (Hold the ” * ” button and not to loosen in this process)
  • Release the ” * ” button and close the cabinet intact.
  • Use the new password to open the door for the next time.

In case you forget the password. Remove the battery at least 5 minutes, then use the original password “4624” to open the door. Reset again.

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