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Nowadays, kids like to watch TV all the time, which has become a concern for every parent to keep them busy in productive activities. We have brought a range of pretend & play toys for toddlers & kids that help you to make them engage in productive playtime. It is tough to have a hold on your kid’s daily activity when they have enough distractions like TV & phone around them. Here comes the role of attractive & engaging toys that help them learn various life skills.

Our love for kids often spoils them, and they demand a new toy often, but it is crucial to choose the perfect toy for them to help them learn new things in life. The dress up toys are the latest craze among kids that allow them to learn life skills creatively.

Why should you encourage pretend & play toys among kids?

  • Learn & play has become an art. Introduce pretend and play toys to your kid’s life, and help them learn various life skills.
  • Various dress up toys are available in the market, like a makeup set, kitchen set, gardening set, doctors set, and doll set, and you can choose as per the kid’s interest.
  • With the introduction of dress up toys, you enhance kids’ curiosity about various professions.
  • The dress up toys also develop respect for every community worker in your kid’s mind.
  • With dress up toys, they stay engaged longer and avoid the screen.
  • By pretending a role while playing, they develop problem-solving skills.
  • You learn about your child’s management skills while playing with the role play toys.
  • The kids comprehend to organize when they collect role play toys.
  • With the role play toys, they understand every toy’s story.

Buy pretend & play toys from our online store in UAE:

After a hectic day at school, kids can’t go off for outdoor games. Hence, the range of role play toys are best to escort during playtime at home. We have brought these best quality pretend & play toys that help your kid stay engrossed in the learning activities. They can enjoy sharing these toys with siblings and other friends when they visit home. You can join them during playtime and make them learn about diverse life skills. These role play toys are made of high-quality plastic that will stay soft on your kid’s delicate skin. The corners of the toys are not intense and prevent them from getting hurt. We suggest these good quality- pretend & play toys at the best price. We offer different toys which would be suitable as a toy for both girls and boys. The toys are designed in a light color per the kid’s liking.

If you’re looking for a baby toy, these are your must-buy. As you introduce them to dress up or role play toys, they start learning early.

The Pretend & Play Toys are available at MG Influences Online Store:

  • Kitchen Set: A role play toy is a favorite among both boys & girls as they see their mothers’ cooking delicacies at home.
  • Makeup Toy or Dressing Table Toy: If your child is turning into a fashion diva and has started endeavoring over your makeup kits, these pretend & play are a must-buy for you.
  • Pretend Tool Box Toy: If your kid got a mechanical mind, let them enrich their skills with these pretend & play toolbox toys.

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