MG Influences lunch boxes are the perfect way to ensure your child gets a healthy, balanced meal.

With fun and trendy designs, our lunch boxes will make your kids excited about packing their own lunches.

Trendy Collection and Styles of Lunch Boxes Now Available at MG Influences 

At MG Influences, we bring a wide variety of lunch boxes. No matter what type of lunch box you choose, make sure it fits your needs – consider how much space you need for snacks and drinks; how often you will use it; if it is easy to clean; how long its insulation will last; whether it is leakproof; etc.

Insulated Bags 

Do you need a super portable and lightweight lunch box for your kid? Spend a bit extra money and get lunch boxes with insulated lining as they keep food warm or cold until you eat them. 

We bring lunch boxes with adjustable straps, so your kids can wear them as a backpack or over the shoulder. Some insulated bags also have multiple compartments, making them perfect for organizing your snacks and drinks.

Bento Boxes

When your kid likes to taste multiple snacks simultaneously, you should opt for traditional Japanese-style Bentos with numerous compartments and lids. They help you keep the food separated while they are so easy to carry. 

These lunch boxes’ compact and stackable design is great for portion control. They also help keep food items separate and organized – no more soggy sandwiches.


Kids don’t care about hydration, but you can make them keep a check on their beverage consumption through thermoses. The best part is they keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold (for up to 24 hours!). Besides, they work as the best containers for soups or stews on colder days.

Our thermoses have tight seals which help prevent spills during transit, making them ideal for people who travel often or prefer not to carry around bulky containers. And because most thermoses come with screw tops rather than snap lids, they won’t pop open unexpectedly.

We know that getting your kids to eat healthy foods can be tough, but with our fun and stylish lunch boxes, they’ll be more likely to want to pack a nutritious meal.

Explore our Collection and choose the best lunch box design so your stomach will thank you later.

Purchase a kid-friendly lunch box today!

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