Although choosing a vase shape that properly matches your blossoms might be challenging, floral bouquets make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. With the variety of shapes, styles, and materials available, it can be difficult to choose a vase that will not detract from the arrangement.
Materials for a Vase
Materials can influence a vase’s use and arrangement style when selecting its kind and shape. Popular materials range from glass, metal, and aluminum to brass, steel, and wood; however, we detail the most popular vases shape materials and when to use them below.
Glass is the most typical material for sophisticated and classic vases designs. They enable light to reach the flower’s stem and water inside the vase. Keep the water clean by changing and trimming the stems to enhance the beauty and freshness of the bouquet, especially for glass and crystal vase designs.
Crystal vases are the ideal “I love you” gift since they are perfect for holding passionate long-stemmed roses. These vases are often used to improve the look of a bouquet and show wealth and elegance.

Metal vases can be a stylish and durable solution. These are fantastic for outdoor fun and come in a variety of styles and patterns because of their endurance.
A wooden vase will also draw attention to the head of the bouquet because you cannot see the flower stems, giving the arrangement a more natural appearance. For the sake of maintaining the vase’s quality, you’ll want to make sure the wood is waterproof.
Different Shapes of Vases:

Mason Jar
Milk Bottle
Rustic Vase
Cylinder Vase
Bouquet Vase
Square/Cube Vase
Ceramic Vases
Bud Vases
Bowl Vase
Pedestal Vase
Trumpet Vase
Pail Vases
Jug/Pitcher Vase
Amphora Vase

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