You deserve the best wallet money can buy!!

And MG Influence made sure you get what you deserve. 

Thereby, we unlock various wallet styles, designs, and colors. It will become simple for you to find the perfect wallet matching your preference.

Traditional or Trendy – We Grab Every Style For You

Do you like conventional wallets? 


Does your heart go with modern or trendy designs?

Regardless of your style, our collection unlocks them for you. At MG Influences, we help you get a 100% genuine leather wallet, and If you are into trendy stuff, we have something that fits your style perfectly.

Made with International Quality Standard 

We believe in adding value to your life by offering you nothing but the best. Our wallets are handcrafted and pass rigorous quality testing before they make their way to your doorstep. 

Stylish and Durable Models

Our wallets are ultimate style pieces for customers with delicate tastes. Regardless of what wallet you choose from our collection, it is made of high-quality material. 

A subtle blend of quality and craftsmanship is apparent in every wallet- which will last you for years.

Spacious Yet Slim Profile

Do you have a lot of cards? 

We understand how tricky it becomes to handle them. You can’t keep two wallets, and it’s not a practical approach. 

So, we bring spacious wallets with multiple pockets to accommodate all your cards. But its slim profile ensures that it won’t look bulky in your pocket.

Unique Designs for Uniqueness Lovers 

Do you want to switch up your style? MG Influences can help you achieve this goal with our one-of-its-kind wallet designs that you’ll love.

Basic and Smart Features 

You can find all kinds of wallets at our store. Our traditional wallets have basic features such as quick access slots, money clip wallets, and coin pouches. Smart wallets are designed with RFID security, excellent cad capacity, and perfect fit.

Do your notes and cards fit perfectly in your wallet?

If not, then it’s time to replace your wallet and get one that is easy to carry around and keeps your cards and cash 100% safe.

Browse our collection and Shop for a wallet that perfectly fits your pocket and style!

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