You know that feeling when you drop your phone face down? You are afraid to pick it up to see the damage. Sure, we’ve all been there. A cracked screen is not only annoying to look at, but it also lowers the value of the phone. But with the best screen protector, you can safeguard your screen from scratches and cracks the next time it falls.
What function do screen protectors serve?
Screen protectors are a thin coating of plastic that shields your phone’s screen from cracks and scratches that could result from impacts with other objects or drops. The screen protector takes the brunt of accidental drops rather than your phone’s real screen.
Does your screen really need to be protected?
Knowing that your phone’s screen is protected by an additional layer with a screen protector can give you peace of mind.
Types of Screen Protector:
There are many different types of screen protectors, each with advantages and disadvantages. Following are the most popular types of screen protectors.

Tempered glass: This will feel most like your phone’s actual screen and will provide the best defense against scratches and dirt. Tempered glass also has beveled edges and an oleophobic coating that makes fingerprints hard to see and is easy to clean.

TPU material: While less protective than tempered glass, plastic screen protectors are more readily available and less expensive. It is best to avoid this if you want your screen protector to last as long as possible. Because scratch marks will build up much more quickly.

Anti-glare: Usually composed of tempered glass, anti-glare displays have an additional coating that reduces glare and blocks UV rays to make it easier to watch in bright sunlight.

Privacy Screen: A privacy screen is absolutely for you if you’re a busy traveler, work in a busy workplace, or simply don’t want anyone to know that you’re 31 and watching The Simpsons. Anyone who glances at your phone from the side will only see you swiping on a dark screen as a result.
Key Benefits of Screen Protectors:

Minimizes Eye Strain
Principal advantages of a screen protector: It shields the screen of your phone from minor dings, chips, and cracks. Even if your phone is built of scratch-resistant gorilla glass, a screen protector will offer an extra layer of protection.
Avoiding dust and fingerprints: Because you use your phone every day, dirt and bacteria can eventually build up on it. Some screen protectors offer anti-bacterial and dust-repellent capabilities.

Buy Online Screen Protectors:

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