Every person now uses a mobile phone, and to support the life of a mobile, a charger is a fundamental requirement, much as how sugar and spice make everything nice. You have certainly encountered a wide range of brands and models if you are shopping for a charging cable for your iPhone or Android phone. It can be difficult to select the best charging cable from hundreds of options. Fear not—MG Influences has prepared a thorough guide on charging cables. Before shopping from our online store, read about the different product categories.

The USB-charging cables are as follows:

  • Type-A USB
  • USB Type-B
  • Mini-USB
  • Micro-USB
  • USB-C

USB Type-A

These days, many USB cables will likely include Type-A connectors at one end because they are so widely used. Smartphones, cameras, keyboards, and other devices having Type-A ports can be plugged into computers to send data or into wall chargers to charge.

Type-B USB

Compared to the other charging cables on this list, these are not quite as popular or functional. Printers and scanners use USB Type-B ports to connect with computer. They are square, with beveled top ends and outer corners. Some gadgets may still have USB Type-B ports, but they are getting harder to find.


A while back, this was the industry standard for several products, however, the micro-USB connector stated in the next section swiftly took its place. It can be found on earlier versions of many electronic devices, particularly cameras, MP3 players, and game controllers. As its name implies, it is smaller than a standard USB yet larger than its replacement.


Although commonly used, micro-USB is fast becoming obsolete. Because of the tiny micro-USB connector, manufacturers may create slimmer products. Nevertheless, some cheap smartphones now even have micro-USB connectors. Some accessories, such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless earphones, charging stands for smartwatches, and other items, may still come with micro-USB connectors.


In terms of USB cables, USB-C is the newest king of the hill. It is present on the majority of modern devices and provides quicker data transfer speeds than earlier USB versions. The major benefit of USB-C is that we can plug this in either up or down and is reversible.

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