A device that allows one system to connect to and work with another. An adapter may be a simple circuit that converts one set of signals to another. However, the term often refers to devices similar to controllers. For example, display adapters and network adapters perform extensive processing.

The following are the main types of adapters:

A host adapter: host controller or host bus adapter, (HBA) is a circuit board or device that allows internal devices to interface with a computer. Host bus adapters are used to connect hard drives, networks, and USB peripherals.

An adapter card: An expansion card is a circuit board that is plugged into the expansion bus in a computer to add functions or resources, in much the same way as a host bus.

Video adapter: A graphics adapter, display adapter, graphics card, or video card is a type of expansion card for computers that converts data and generates the electrical signal to display text and graphics on a display device.

A general-purpose interface adapter: We use (GPIA) as an interface between a processing unit and a GPIB bus.

A fax adapter: A fax card or fax board, is an internal fax modem that allows a computer to transmit and receive fax data.

Network adapters: These adapters connect a device to a network and enable it to exchange data with other devices on the network. These devices may be computers, servers, or any other networking device.

A channel-to-channel adapter: CTCA connects two input/output channels in IBM mainframes.

USB Adapters:

The various versions of USB cables, such as USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, deal with the functionality and speed of the USB cable. Whereas the type of USB cable refers to the physical design of the connectors and ports.

USB Type A: The most popular type of USB standard is Type A, which you can see at one end. Typical type A ports are most likely found in host devices such as desktop computers, game consoles, and media players.

USB Type B: Type-B connectors are at the other end of a typical USB cable that plugs into a peripheral device.

USB Type-C: It makes headlines in tech periodicals around the world.

When Buying Adapters, what to look for?

  • Compatibility
  • Universality
  • Availability
  • Practicality
  • Multipliable
  • Simple installation

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