A star projector is a lighting device, often laser-powered, that shines stars on your walls and ceiling. Often, a star projector offers several light modes, color options, brightness levels, and a sleep timer. Occasionally, you can also get a built-in speaker or remote control with your star projector. No matter their features, these lights are the best way to enjoy the magic of starry nights in a dark room, without ever stepping outside.
Are star projectors good for sleep?
Yes! Star projectors may be able to help you sleep. That’s because:

Star projectors are relaxing: That’s because green light can react with melanopsin, a sleep hormone the body naturally produces. And, of course, getting great sleep regularly helps you stay relaxed, which is key to falling asleep.

The right light can put you in a good mood: Imagine being angry or stressed at bedtime. That’s no way to fall asleep; you’ll probably wind up tossing and turning instead. Blue stars can help, as blue light can provide calming effects during highly stressful moments.

Colors can influence your mindset: If your star projector can shine red stars, then you might be in luck. Red light is correlated with better sleep, though the reasons underlying this connection are up for debate.
How to pick the best light projectors for your modern bedroom
Lights come in so many different styles, colors, and effects that you might feel overwhelmed—where do you even begin? If you’re going the laser light route, you might prefer a laser galaxy projector that you can use anywhere in your room near an electrical outlet.

Your room’s size: The size of your room makes a big difference in your light projector choices! Think about it like this: If your room is on the larger side, you’ll probably need more than one fixture to effectively blanket your whole space.

Your room’s layout: After factoring in your room’s size, you should also consider its layout. If you’re thinking of adding table lamps for laser light bulbs, make sure you have easy access to outlets.

How you plan to use your lights: Galaxy lights are for more than just relaxing or drifting off to sleep. They’re also wonderful for reading, working, and even for romantic date nights.

The mood you want to set: Lighting is a crucial component of your bedroom’s ambiance, and not all galaxy lights will create the same mood.

Your current bedroom décor: If you have a modern bedroom design, your current decor might comprise neutral colors, natural materials, and clean geometric patterns, and no two lights will appear quite the same in this environment.
Modernize your bedroom with Bliss Lights and Night Light Projectors
Your bedroom is a personal space that should be comfortable, inviting, and easy to relax in. Putting a modern, galactic spin on it with Bliss Lights or night light projectors can help your room feel like the sanctuary you want and need.

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