Whether it’s a marathon run, a long train journey, or a day at the office, headphones are an indispensable part of our lives. But the first thing to do is find the right model, which is often not so easy. in-ear or over-ear? With or without cable? Bluetooth, yes, or no?

In-Ear Earphones: Your Music, Just for You

In-ear headphones or Bluetooth headphones are worn in the ears, and their compact size makes them the ideal companion for every day. Thanks to advanced technology, our high-quality earphones offer a particularly pure sound image, with the sound being perfectly audible even at low volumes.

Benefits of Wireless Headphones & Bluetooth Earphones:

  • Since they’re cordless, you don’t have to worry about that fragile cable anymore.
  • Having no cable means that you can roam freely around your house.
  • You can pause/play music and make calls without touching your phone.

On-Ear Headphones: – Lightweight, Sound Heavy

Of course, we also have various on-ear headphones in our range. These headphones sit on the ear and do not cover it completely. Comfortable wearing due to the padded ear cups and a slight sound absorption from the outside make these models to all-rounders for every occasion.

Over-Ear Headphones – Maximal Sound

Over-ear earphones sit completely on the ear and enclose it completely. This creates a rich sound and better external sound insulation. Over-ear headphones fall into two categories: open and closed. A mixed form is a half-open design.

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