Heavy duty machinery is the one that helps us with construction tasks, most frequently earthwork operations or other big building projects. Implement, traction, structural, power train, and control/information systems are the five equipment systems that make up heavy machinery.

Heavy Duty Vehicle Care

It’s in your best interest to keep a machine working effectively after purchasing it for as long as possible. But doing so can be challenging. If we don’t maintain this equipment, they are prone to failure. Because we use them constantly in difficult situations

  • Excavator

In every building job, contractors and engineers use excavators the most. These are often discovered at the earliest stages of development since they are used to dig foundations and trenches. People use excavators for digging out sizable earth channels and holes.

  • Backhoe

A backhoe is a piece of large equipment that can be found almost everywhere on construction sites and has a variety of uses. These can be used for lifting at different heights, excavation, and material loading and unloading.

  • Bulldozers

Constructors use bulldozers for shallow-level excavation up to a specific point. It pushes or removes a ton of soil and debris to help clear the area. Track dozers and wheel dozers are the two types of bulldozers.

  • Graders

Before constructing roads, large machinery known as graders or motor graders. We use them to level the soil. Like dozers, they may also remove and push topsoil or snow.

  • Tower Cranes

When constructing skyscrapers and other taller buildings, tower cranes are a typical sight. These stationary cranes can lift construction materials to various heights and levels, including steel pipes, concrete blocks, and frames.

  • Truck Dumps

The dump truck is one of the most frequent pieces of heavy machinery. These transport massive quantities of commodities between two sites, including soil, sand, and gravel.

  • Lifters

Loaders help load goods onto dumpers and trucks, among other things, which is one of the reasons they get their moniker. Its bucket can hold many items, including soil, building materials, stones, etc. We can wheel them just like a bulldozer. Although tracked loaders may access areas where wheeled loaders cannot, wheel loaders are the most common.

  • Compactors

Excavators remove sand to make way for new roads.

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