Why do we need health care Products in the Car?
Health care Products are very important when it comes to the physical and mental health of the human being. Every day, we make almost 90% of our journeys and 92% of our miles in cars or ground transportation.
Driving causes back problems:
Driving in a still car is probably not all that different from sitting in a comfortable chair, but things start to differ as soon as the vehicle starts moving.

Laborites have searched the effects of whole-body vibration when a person is seated in a car seat. The lumbar spine naturally resonates at a frequency of 4-5 Hz, and research indicates that vehicle driving can exceed this natural frequency. Resulting in high spinal loadings in the lower back. Consequently, there may be more postural discomfort, a higher risk of injury, and low back pain.
What causes back pain when you drive?
Sitting causes more strain on the spine than standing. Our body experiences extra forces like vibration, acceleration and deceleration. This causes more strain. When we operate pedals, we use our feet actively, which prevents them from being securely planted on the ground for stability.
Best health care Products for Back Pain
Fortunately, we live in an era of technological advancements. Technology has produced many health care products that can reduce your lower back pain. Below are some famous products to reduce back pain for drivers.

Shiatsu pillow massager Zyllion

With two heated notes per side that continually rotate, changing directions every few minutes, you’ll feel like you’re getting a deep tissue massage right in the comfort of your own home or in your Car while resting.

Shiatsu Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massager by InvoSpa

This version, like the massager, has heated nodes to help relieve shoulder tension. The difference is that this one has straps that either increase pressure in specific areas or make it a little easier to modify and move.

Specialized pillows

All types of back pain can be relieved with a good night’s sleep, and the correct pillows can play a significant role in this process. Look at knee pillows with an ergonomic design that can hold your body in a posture to reduce lower back pain.

Back Braces

There are numerous sizes and amounts of support for braces. At the same time, huge back braces immobilize whole body parts. Little back braces support your spine during regular activities. You can either select a brace that supports your full back for complete pain relief or one that merely reinforces the sore regions of your back.
Where to find the best Neck Massager in UAE?
MGInfluences is the best online shopping platform in the UAE. Here you can choose to buy from the largest selection of health care products to support back pain. MG Influences delivers a unique selection from around the world at a reasonable price and the fastest delivery time.

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