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Flying Toy Ball Infrared Induction RC Flying Toy Built-in LED Light Disco Helicopter Shining Colorful Indoor and Outdoor Games Toys


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  • It creates a lot of traction on the ground.
  • Non-toxic materials safeguard the health of youngsters.
  • Keeps your child entertained for hours by promoting imaginative play.
  • Colors that pop enhance visual growth.
  • Unique elements for a distinctive appearance.

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1 in stock

  • Propellers of flying toy ball are made of durable and, more importantly, flexible material. So in the event of an impact, they will bend and then return to their original shape. The helium ball, made of non-toxic abs material, is similarly designed to withstand high impact forces.
  • Place your hand beneath the UFO saucer toy while in the air to control the flying ball. Lead it in any direction owing to the built-in infrared attraction.
  • Charge it up, turn the switch on, and watch it take off from your hands. Once you finish playing, press the button on the remote controller to safely land indoors or outdoors. RC & USB charging cable included: the built-in battery takes 20 minutes to fully recharge and lasts up to 25 minutes of interactive play, including flying up to 15 feet high.
  • To position the helicopter ball for takeoff with a 3-second delay. Once in the air, infrared sensors detect nearby objects to avoid a collision. Incase it touches any surface, it will automatically turn off for 3 seconds.
  • Enjoy fun with your family at any time with a flying orb toy, and the flying. Boomerang drone ball toy is lightweight, flexible, and touchable. One can play with this led flying ty ball easily indoors or outdoors. Built-in LEDs cannot hide their bright colors, even in the daytime.
  • The flying orb toys underwent rigorous tests. The materials are very soft, and the protective shell of a spherical design ensures the safety, durability, and impact resistance of the flying ball toy.

Flying Toy Ball is Surprisingly strong:

Propellers consist of a durable and, more importantly, flexible material. That bends and then returns to its original shape in the event of a hit. The helium ball can endure strong impact pressures.

Who would you give one to as a perfect gift idea and top birthday present?

Why not make one for your son, daughter, adolescent nephew, tween boy’s or teenage girl’s Easter basket, or even for adults?

These cool manual flying balls are exquisite Christmas gift ideas for boys and girls and as creative birthday gifts for your family and friends. A colorful, interesting soaring orb toy attracts the attention of children and adults.

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