Are you planning to remodel and search for brand-new bathroom fixtures? MG Influences has the perfect solution for you. We carry a wide variety of bathroom fixtures to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your home.

Beautiful and Stylish

Whether you are looking for antique fixtures to match your classic home theme or are on the hunt for modern fixtures to blend beautifully with a contemporary bathroom- we have it all. Our bathroom fixtures are trendy, one-of-a-kind, and stylish. Adore your bathroom space with a design everyone loves!

Budget Friendly

We care about you and your wallet. So, we won’t let you break the bank to get exceptional quality bathroom fixtures – As we offer you the most reasonable rate.

What Types of Bathroom Fixtures You can Get at MG Influences?

We bring diverse collection of style and design for sinks, bathtubs, hardware, and showers. Check them out!


We have different styles of sinks available in our store.

Traditional sinks 

They are perfect for the traditional style of the bathroom; you need to install them directly into countertops or vanities. They feature two holes for faucets and a drain. 

Pedestal sinks 

Their freestanding style is ideal for smaller bathrooms as they have less space. They feature a classic look with a wide basin atop a tall base. 

 Console sinks

They look modern and feature metal legs that support the basin with two faucets mounted on the back side of the sink itself. 

Wall-mounted sinks

When are you looking for a sleek and space-saving sink for your bathroom? It would be best if you opted for them; they free up floor space as you mount them directly onto walls. 

Vessel sinks 

You set them atop countertops. They are available in diverse shapes and styles, from rectangular to round to oval. When it comes to material, you find multiple options, such as ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, copper, bronze, glass, or stone.


Do you want a perfect balance of convenience and luxury in your bathroom? Think about a walk-in shower with a doorless design for easy access. They create an open yet private space in your bathroom.

Shower stalls 

We have shower stalls for both small and large bathrooms. Pick a corner design when space is limited, and try an alcove for the primary bathroom.

Shower panels

Adjust your water temperature and pressure through shower panels. They feature multiple jets affixed on walls, allowing you to switch between spray settings at your leisure.

Handheld showers

Want to get more control over shower direction? Get them; they are super affordable. We offer a top-class handheld shower for those who can’t stand for long due to medical conditions like pregnancy and arthritis.

Steam showers 

Do you need an excellent combo of comfort and relaxation in your home? We advise you to try our well-designed steam showers. They help promote better blood circulation through increased heat and humidity levels, and you can reduce your stress with them immediately. 


At MG influences, we have an elegant collection of a bath tubs to match any décor scheme. 

Alcove baths

They feature drop-in tubs with three sides tucked into three walls. They look perfect when you want to maintain the bath space.

Freestanding tubs 

You can instill elegance into any bathroom setting through freestanding tubs. They come in various shapes, such as oval, egg-shaped, clawfoot tubs, etc.

Drop-in bathtubs

Do you like bubble massage? Go and grab our drop-in bathtubs that feature air jets. Now you can have a relaxing bath whenever you feel stressed at home. 

Whirlpool tubs

Do you need incredibly indulgent targeted body massage? Only whirlpool tubs can offer that; they feature bubble massage jets with adjustable water jets that focus on targeted spots on your body.

Whether searching for traditional or model bathroom fixtures, you can find them all at MG influences. We have a range of designs and style that makes your bathing experience as delightful as possible, and our fixtures reflect style and function and ensure years of enjoyment. 

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