Most new mothers in the UAE use breast pumps in the first 4 months post birth to achieve their personal human milk feeding goals. Lactating women use a breast pump, a mechanical tool, to remove milk from their breasts. All breast pumps have a few common components:

Breast Shield: is a cone shaped cup that covers the nipple and the area in a circle around it.

Pump: Produces the gentle suction necessary for milk expression.

Milk Container: sits underneath the breast shield and gathers milk after pumping.

Breast pumps come in three different fundamental categories:

  1. Manual pumps
  2. Battery-powered pumps
  3. Electric pumps

We at MGInfluences aim to support parents in the feeding choice they have made for their babies. Breast pumps by MG Influences are designed to meet breastfeeding mothers’ demands, including starting breastfeeding for a newborn who was delivered prematurely.

The following are some advantages of breast pump:

  1. Time Control

Caretakers can manage the timing of feedings by pumping milk. They can choose a schedule that works for them and follow it when pumping is required. Controlling feeding times can make it easier to return to work and possibly free up more time.

  1. The capacity to share meals

The caregiver can control the baby’s feeding schedule by pumping milk.

  1. Added breaks

While managing months or even years of sleep deprivation, pumping enables the caretakers to take a respite.

  1. Donated Milk

Apart from biological parents, donor people can also produce milk. Some infants receive donor breast milk.

The following are some downsides of breast pump:

  • An additional cost

It could be challenging to keep track of the dates of frozen breast milk.
Breastfeeding alone is free, but pumping costs money. Pumping gear could consist of:

  • Bottles,
  • Breast pumps
  • Milk storage bags
  • The breast pump’s phalanges
  • Hands free pumping bra

Some people make an additional refrigerator and freezer investment to store pumped milk.

  • Storage issues

Some women can express a lot of milk. Breast milk loses its freshness even when frozen, and keeping it can be challenging.

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