Ramadan Kareem Preparations

Ramadan Kareem Preparations – Prayer Mats, Quran Stands, Praying Beads and Islamic Wall Art

Ramadan, the 9th month in the Islamic calendar, is one of the most sacred months for Muslims. During Ramadan Kareem, Muslims observe a strict daily fast from dawn to sunset. Eating or drinking anything, including water, is forbidden during the day. It is a private ritual of worship that brings closeness to Allah (S.W.T.) and can also be a method of discipline in the spiritual realm and an opportunity to connect with the less fortunate. The fast ends at sunset with an evening meal known as iftar, typically shared with family and friends. Many people gather at nightfall in the mosque for special collective prayers known as tarawih.

Ramadan Kareem Preparations:

During Ramadan Kareem, a lot of Muslims go to the mosque and pray for a long time. In addition to the five prayers that are a part of Islam, Muslims also say a special blessing called the Tarawih prayer. Muslims arrange many different arrangements to perform these religious activities. Here are some essential items that every Muslim should carry with them.

Prayer Mats

A prayer mat, or prayer rug, is usually a square or rectangular cloth. These prayer mats are available in a variety of styles, colors, and designs.

For many good reasons, consider buying an Islamic prayer rug to decorate your home. Muslim rugs for prayer are inexpensive yet lavish. You can use these prayer mats in your living area, bathroom, kitchen, or patio. They are available in various sizes to suit all room dimensions while offering you the chance to pick the size that best matches your home decor. Whatever place you choose to use the prayer mat, you’ll love how it appears, and it will help you unwind after a long day at work.

Prayer mat

Quran Stands

After prayer mats, Quran stands are among the most used yet essential items Muslims should possess. The most effective Quran stand is a tool for learning the Quran as well as a support for holding the Quran while reading. There are a variety of designs and materials available on the market. You will also discover stylish and contemporary designs suitable for all types of homes.

Quran Stand

Praying Beads

A good tasbeeh, or Muslim prayer bead, is an absolute requirement for every Muslim. Tasbihs are beneficial on practical, spiritual, and psychological levels.

Muslims use Tasbeehs to perform dhikr, which is the repetition of utterances of the names of Allah (S.W.T.) or verses from the Quran as well as praises to Him. The presence of a tasbeeh possession hung on the wall, or your body serves as an omen. The sight of the tasbeehs reminds us of our desire to be in the presence of Allah for our spiritual well-being. The tasbeeh in itself isn’t a solely spiritual object, but it can bring you back to the spirituality associated with your dhikrs and spiritual practices. Similar to how the Sajjada prayer mat can trigger one’s thoughts and remind one of their Salah.


Muslim Prayer Hat

Wearing a prayer cap is an ancient practice as old as the Islamic religion. There are numerous prayer hats; the most well-known is the keffiyeh and the taqiyah. Most commonly, Muslims use taqiyah during Jumu’ah, also known as Friday prayers, which are held in a mosque, and in salat prayer, which is performed at home. But a prayer cap has many different meanings, none of which are related to prayers.

Muslim Prayer Hat

Additional Ramadan Kareem Products:

Incense and Incense Stick Holders

Incense has a long and rich history across all regions of the globe. The shape of incense that we use has evolved, from flowers, leaves, dried wood, and resin pieces, all the way to ground powder, incense sticks, and incense cones that are dried and mixed.

You can also find incense stick holders made of different materials, such as ceramic, wood, glass, brass, etc. Wooden bakhoor holders are generally cheaper and come with an organic look. However, they aren’t heat-resistant and are best cleaned only after a spot. The more intricate designs of ceramic bakhoor burners are typically available, and they are simple to clean by hand with mild dish soap. You can clean some with boiling water. The brass holders can be the most suitable option for resin incense, as they can withstand high temperatures without cracking. Ceramics can be combined with resin if they are first filled with sand.

Benefits of using incense stick holders or bakhoor burners

  • To clear negative energy
  • For deeper concentration during meditation.
  • To reconnect with your memories
  • To practice mindfulness
  • It could help relieve stress.
  • Stimulate creativity

Incense Stick Holders - Bakhoor Burners

Islamic Calligraphy Wall Art

Islamic calligraphy wall art is among the most significant of the Islamic arts. Most Islamic structures have some form of writing on the stone’s surface, marble mosaic, or painting. The description may include a verse from the Qur’an, lines, or even names and dates. The Quran, Islam’s holy book, is written in beautiful scripts. Islamic calligraphy reflects Allah’s holy words, revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through his dreams.

Arabic calligraphy was born out of the writing down of the Holy Quran, so the written word itself gained the significance of a holy text.

Islamic Ornaments for Ramadan Kareem

Even though you can’t put up pictures of people or animals, a Muslim home can be just as stylish and classy as any other home. It doesn’t matter if it’s your living room, bedroom, or office; there are plenty of possibilities for Islamic art. You can hang Arabic calligraphy geometric patterns, geometric designs with lines that don’t cross each other, and Quran ayahs like Ayatul-Kursi or the 4 Quls, that are believed in some quarters to possess healing properties. Whatever method you choose will make your space more appealing and reflect your personality around the world.

Closing Statement:

Ramadan Kareem is a unique month for Muslims all over the world. Nearly every Muslim home has decorative items to decorate their homes. In Ramadan, the home decor creates a beautiful atmosphere. Many people choose traditional Ramadan decoration items, such as lanterns and calligraphy posts. Some prefer modern interiors, like bakhoor and bakhoor burners for incense sticks and modern-day lighting.

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